Regrow Receding Gums Without Surgery

Today we will talk about the causes of the receding gums and how to  find the Natural cure for receding gums? A common cause of consultation in our dental clinic is the concern of some patients to see that their gum is reducing, their root begins to see, and the teeth seem longer.

Reasons For Gum Loss

There Are Several Reasons for This Process:

Age: Over the years, both the teeth and the gums wear out. It is a natural process that can be more or less accused, depending on additional elements.

Gingivitis: Due to the excessive bacteria and tartar plaque that build up in the teeth, some people may suffer inflammation and bleeding from the gums that do not affect the bone. It is a reaction that depends on genetics, hormonal changes or good oral hygiene, among other causes.

Periodontitis: When gums treated properly, it can have periodontitis or gum disease, which causes tissue holding the tooth (bone, periodontal ligament, and gum) decrease, even to tooth loss.

Aggressive brushing: The use of the brush incorrectly or use of an improper brush, can cause wear to retract the gingiva.

Imbalance: Whether due to bruxism or poor dental position, incorrect contact between the upper and lower jaw can lead to slight shifts leading to tooth wear, bone loss, and gum loss.

How To Regrow Receding Gums?

The treatment of gums recession depends on the cause that causes it. Thus we have that if it is due to natural causes of aging of the teeth, it is difficult to solve or stop the process, although a good oral hygiene can always reduce the possible effects. If the patient has gingivitis or periodontitis, the best is a good oral cleaning, with treatments increasingly complex and aggressive depending on the severity or progression of the disease.

If the problem is brushing wrong, the solution is simply to correct habits. The brushing of the teeth should never be done horizontally or using a hard brush that causes the retraction of the gums.

For bruxism problems or poor position of teeth, treatments can range from splitting containment to treatment orthodontics for the correct position of the jaw and the perfect closing.

Gum Grafts

Another alternative, when the gum has severely diminished, is the gums graft. It is a treatment with which we have to be cautious when it comes to raising it professionally, as accepting it as a patient.

Functionally it does not provide more support to the tooth since it is the bone that holds it. The chances of the gums getting lost after a graft are quite high. The creation of additional tissue will only create spaces where bacteria and tartar can accumulate. The gingival graft, apart from a clear aesthetic purpose, does not bring any improvement in the problem of gums.

Therefore and as a recommendation for gum loss: treat the problem according to the cause and avoid the progression of the disease with the methods mentioned above.

You Can Regrow Receding Gums Without Surgery

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